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Pepper, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, currant, coffee: scents and aromas that have been accompanying Francesco Torrisi since he was born in the 1900; he established the Industry that has signed Sicilian coffee for over eighty years.

During the 20s Francesco Torrisi, still very young, comes back home, after wearing the military uniform during the First World War, he marries and co-operates with his father in the family firm which, at this time, begins to import spices and groceries.

After a short time the firm attains the first place in Sicily for the wholesale marketing of denatured and absolute alcohol, sodium bicarbonate and sulphate, copper sulphate, saponin, sulphurs and colophony, shelled almonds, pine nuts and flax –seeds and then still a great variety of food products like sugar, rice, legumes, preserved foods, meals, starches for sweets, lard and coffee.

Year after year the firm grows, with the addition of Agatino the youngest brother of Francesco, it dominates not only the effects of its distributed products, but also for the correct, coherent and clear commercial behaviours imposed by the Torrisi brothers, making these concepts a dogma of behaviour and life.

In the thirties and shortly before the Second War World, the coffee consumption is still an élite event, in fact, it is drunk at the practitioners' houses (the chemist, the doctor, the magistrate), here the coffee is bought "raw" and then it is roasted in peculiar pans. The blends are created by themselves, proposing the result of their work to their friends. At the Torrisi brothers' house the best coffee in town is drunk, of course, and many times Mrs. Agata, Francesco's wife is obliged by her friends to help them to get this product.

In the post war period the Torrisi firm activity begins with energy in a vast way in importation and wholesales trade. Francesco and Agatino, realising the coffee would become a primary consumer good in years to come, begin to organise a widespread distribution of roasted coffee in sealed packages (once it was sold loose) distributing it to the Calabrian and Sicilian retailers.

The years elapsed and the coffee changed into a wide broad consumer product, obliging the firms to be mechanised more and more. In the sixties the vacuum sorting machine was introduced for the first time; this ingenious innovation, permitting to obtain a better and sounder preservation of roasted coffee, allows a more specialized and wider distribution, so the "Torrisi superblend" (Supermiscela Torrisi) confirms itself the favourite coffee by every Sicilian family.

Millions of kilograms of coffee are worked in a firms continuos change, from a small factory to a modern factory of COMPAGNIA MERIDIONALE CAFFE' S.p.A., where the handicraft origins of this product are never forgotten, although the most modern technologies are used.


Torrisi roasters since 1911. Traditional methods with advanced technologies provides "caffè" Torrisi the first in Sicily for tradition and quality.

The problem

Traditional technique evolution of roasted coffee, the vacuum packed, has pointed out some little drawbacks, among them the most important is: the lost, in a short time, of some aroma components.

The whole of unsettled and differently soluble substances, constituting the aroma, interact, attenuate or change, also without air owing to vacuum packed, so much that it isn't made homogeneous anymore. This doesn't mean that the obtained drink is not a good coffee, the espresso coffees good quality depends on other factors (blend, roasting, grading....).

Our aim has been getting and keeping this more volatile part of aroma too, and so furnishing a "totally" protected product.

Thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies, the most volatile components of coffee aroma are saved. A calibrate atmosphere, formed by inert gas, is introduced inside the package in the place of the extracted air with the vacuum packing, this kind of atmosphere doesn't bind chemically with the coffee organoleptic substances. This atmosphere settles the whole of present unsettled substances in the aroma, they are blocked inside the bean, to create a total protection. The system, with high technological content, lets a perfect and long preservation of the product and its exact ageing; also after many months, the espresso coffee, obtained by so protected blends, will always be superior, as if it were fresh roasted coffee.

Moreover our blends are selected "bean by bean", thanks to the electronic photochromatic sorting machines, ensuring a controlled high quality constantly.

Electronic photochromatic sorting machines

As you know to get an espresso with a well-balanced flavour, it isn't possible to use a single kind of coffee; you need more than one blended together, according to well-tested and protected percentages for a long time. All the Torrisi blends were born by these experimentations and by recipes handed down from generations of experts, to reproduce these servings on an industrial scale, for some time the solution has been found with machines created on purpose. The problem has put itself in the next phase, in the more or less roasted beans' grading, owing to their different maturation, and then in the choice of those with a constant and optimum roasting (above all for the valuable blends). In this case too, the technology has intervened creating a machine that grades beans to use, discarding the remaining ones, through peculiar photochromatic sensors.

This optic-electronic grading, for colour, ensures a constant quality, excluding whether the burnt or the less roasted ones, allowing to maintain unchanged the high characteristics of Torrisi blends in time; it needs to say that Torrisi beans are controlled one by one. For the most connoisseurs of coffee.

Quality Management

The Management System

In the knowledge that the culture of "Food Security" can only be achieved and maintained by following operational practices and procedures, developed through risk analysis, staff training and the sharing of good hygiene practices, the Compagnia Meridionale Caffè S.p.A. Has implemented and maintained a Food Safety Management System in compliance with International Standard UNI EN ISO 22000: 2005. In addition, the Company has, in view of the continuous improvement of its performance and the achievement of customer satisfaction, implemented and Maintained a Quality Management System, in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008. These Management Systems have both been certified by a prestigious third party.

  • UNI EN ISO 22000:2005 Certified by Agroqualità S.p.A. Gruppo R.I.N.A. Numero certificato AG/SGSA-12/42
  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Certified by: Agroqualità S.p.A. Gruppo R.I.N.A. Numero certificato AG/QMS-278/13/S

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