Coffee is good?

Coffee is good?

Coffee contains many substances that favor the normal functions of our body. Among these potassium that helps muscle contractions, also preventing cramps, stretching, etc. As a result, it also gives a hand to the most important muscle: the heart. Magnesium plays a key role in the nervous system and calcium, as it is known, nourishes and strengthens bones and teeth. Manganese and chromium also favor carbohydrate metabolism and enzymatic activity within cells. A cup of coffee is practically devoid of energy value (only 2 calories) and therefore does not fatty as many believe; Since this is not considered a food by the World Health Organization, coffee provides vitamins such as the antioxidant E and PP that keeps tissue integrity and the nervous system intact. As is now well-known, thanks to the presence of the substances mentioned, a usual and non-excessive coffee consumption is a good stimulant for the central nervous system and it performs an excellent cardiotonic action, thus favoring the cardiovascular system. Obviously, in cases of cardiopathy or in the presence of stressful conditions for the heart it is necessary to limit its consumption. Without being a "dopant" substance contributes to the formation of glycogen in the blood, the preferred muscle gas during resistance work. It is not true that coffee keeps high blood pressure! Anyway - if taken occasionally - involves a negligible and temporary rise in the usual values, which may instead prove useful in cases of hypotension and sudden abnormalities in general. It should be avoided in cases of renal hypertension. It is not true that coffee is carcinogenic, indeed its beneficial functions on intestinal functions prevent colon and rectum tumors. In addition, the grains contain various anticancer agents that remain intact even after roasting: animal studies have shown a 60% decrease in breast cancer and even 90% in the oral ones. It is not true that cup makes cholesterol rise: in fact, once filtered, boiled coffee no longer presents those fats that could raise its values. It is not true that coffee causes arrhythmias and extrasisthesis: their cause is sought elsewhere. As any stimulant causes heart rate increases in function of the ingested quantity, but here we are not sure of the pathology! If you are suffering from headache, coffee consumption boosts the effects of pain medications prescribed by your doctor. If you suffer from asthma, three cups a day keep the attacks away; In fact the caffeine, once ingested, breaks down into theophylline, a substance prescribed in the treatment of asthma.

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