When to drink coffee?

When to drink coffee?

Almost always. And we do not say why we are producers, but because now it will be clear to you - with good sense and precautions when asked - coffee is certainly better than bad. During the various moments of the day a good cup is often what it takes. For example, in the morning, during breakfast, the cafeteria acts more especially if you are still numb, and it also helps the kidneys and intestines to perform their functions fully. Virtually indispensable in the middle of the morning: it helps us to maintain concentration if we work or study and serve to keep away the languor, helping us to get to lunch without eating a few hours before. After lunch almost an obligation, especially for Italians: caffeine stimulates the production of gastric juices and is known to effectively combat the typical drowsiness of the early afternoon. In the afternoon it is practically as useful as it is in the middle of the morning, and it also helps little who carries out physical activity. In the evening - but not on the bed - it helps keep you awake yet to be able to do more or less relaxing activities or maybe work a little longer, plan the next day, be prominent if you have to drive or just keep yourself awake You spend an evening with your friends.

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