Coffee and love

Coffee and love

Since antiquity many cultures have been questioned about the positive or negative effects of coffee on couple's life and specifically on sex life. Caffeine was said to be sterile or cause premature or even malformative parts to the fetus. Conversely, others came to exactly the opposite conclusions. Today laboratory experiments and data collection from various genres and from around the world lead to very few "judgments", but they certainly provide far more than alarming answers to the habit of enjoying good coffee if you live in couple. To begin with, it is not true that women who drink coffee have more difficulty getting pregnant as it was termed until a few years ago, promoting the drink even as a natural contraceptive: there are no scientific foundations on the theory and statistical evidence. I go to the theories that warned about coffee delivery during gestation in order to avoid premature births, malformed children, underweight, etc. On the other hand, it has recently been shown that caffeine stimulates sperm motility in humans, and therefore facilitates not so much the fertilization process. In addition, caffeine - while not being an aphrodisiac - has stimulating effects on good humor and endorphin production: a cure and in any case a helpful aid to ignite the desire in the couple relationship.

Posted on 11/09/2016 News 3832

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