How much coffee can you drink?

How much coffee can you drink?

Worldwide, one billion and a half cups of coffee are consumed every day (the World Health Organization). The most "fierce" are the Scandinavians with 12 pounds per head per year. But they are no less Dutch, Austrians, Germans, French, Cyclades, and Americans. The Italians are in the twelfth place with 4.4 pounds per head per year, ie two cups a day; So they are - on average - pretty "cautious". Indeed even the toughest physician finds nothing to complain to those who drink up to 4 cups a day, a very safe dose for anyone in adulthood and without pathologies that do not recommend eating. They even drink 8 or 10 cups a day without l 'Organism is in no way affected. And this is a dose that is, however, good to not overcome to avoid the risk of excessively overheating the effects of coffee.

Posted on 11/09/2016 News 2302

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